RISE DEFY: Demo 2018: CS

Sep 17, 2018

This four-song release from a DC punk unit is thoughtful, passionate, and sincere. “The Noise and the Static” seems to be about remembering where you came from and what you have accomplished, even with the pressures of everyday life swirling around your head: “And all the noise and the static keeps your dreams in the attic / in a box with all your old trophies.” “American Shooter” is a cautionary tale of the world we live in today, which is obviously unfortunate from this perspective. Musically, I am hearing Fugazi, The Clash, and early Stiff Little Fingers. I’m glad there’s a lyric sheet, I’m glad that I can understand the vocals, and I’m very glad that Rise Defy is here. Well played, gentlemen.–Sean Koepenick (Self-released, [email protected])