RIPCORD: Harvest Hardcore: 7” EP

Jan 30, 2019

This reissue of Ripcord’s 1988 EP brings back memories of when them, the Stupids, and others discovered American thrash and went full-on into sounds we were mining here a few years prior. Not to minimize their work, ’cause as evidenced here they handily made the sound their own; merely marveling at an interplay of ideas that seemed much more of a seismic shift in a pre-internet era. The bands they cover here provide good touchstones for their general plan of attack—SS Decontrol and Siege—resulting in short blasts of hyper-thrash that skirt being fast to the point of silliness. The English accents take a sec to get used to (I was hearing the chorus of “Subconscious Thoughts” as “some cunts in sports” and thought, “well that‘s not very neighborly of them...”) but it’s clear very early on here why they remain one of the more revered U.K. bands of that era. –Jimmy Alvarado (YOFC,