RIPCORD: Defiance of Power: CD

Jan 18, 2017

Ripcord were one of the flagship bands for the U.K.’s mid-’80s era of U.S.-influenced hardcore bands. On this reissue of their 1987 debut LP, they take cues from D.R.I. and other hyper-trash bands of the time and slam-bam tune after tune. It handily stands up to their influences—as well as their Scandinavian contemporaries—who were also enjoying a bit of a “golden era” around the same time just a wee bit farther north. Also included is an audience-quality live set from the Netherlands and a rehearsal recording, both from around he same time the album dropped, both of which are a bit raw, but definitely listenable. Nice to see this out in the world again for dumbshits like me who totally missed the boat the first time ‘round to get our grubby mitts on a copy. –Jimmy Alvarado (Boss Tuneage,