RIOT 77 #21, €3 plus postage, 8¼” x 11⅝”, offset, 52 pgs.

Feb 13, 2020

The first time I remember any punkly entity using “77” as a suffix indicating fealty to first wave punk rock, it was the English band Resistance 77, circa 1982. The fact that I have firsthand knowledge of this situation indicates that I am likely smack dab in this publication’s target demographic: Old punk dudes. Seriously, this thing looks like a punk version of AARP magazine; photos of elderly punks are splashed across almost every page. A timely snapshot of contemporary youth culture it is not. The upside of this state of affairs is that, for once, all the bands interviewed are bands that I actually know and like.Amazing, huh? I mean, it’s cool to be periodically tuned into the doings of the current movers ‘n’ shakers on the scene and all, but there’s also something to be said for reading about bands to whom you’ve been listening for thirty or forty years, ya know? Interviews in this issue include Aussie headbangers Rose Tattoo, English rockabilly stalwarts The Polecats, and first wave London punkers The Wasps. There’s also an interview with rant-poet Tim Wells, but I admit I don’t really know that guy. The editor also reviews all the shows he saw in the last half of 2018, which is quite a hefty amount of live music coverage, and also provides additional opportunities for printing photos of old people. The zine is nicely laid out, the photos are great, and they manage to fit a fricking ton of text on each page—this is suddenly kind of my favorite zine right now. I’m not sure if that makes me happy or worried.  –Rev. Nørb (Cian Hynes, PO Box 11342, Dublin 2, Ireland)