RIOT .303: Self-titled: LP

May 24, 2022

More Canadian punk rock archaeology courtesy of Supreme Echo. This time we get a spectacular collection from Calgary’s Riot .303. While obviously familiar with the name, the only songs I have ever heard were on the essential Thrasher Skate Rock vol. 1 where they held their own alongside heavy hitters like Big Boys and JFA. This record compiles all of their recorded output (the aforementioned Skate Rock compilation tracks, the Crowd Control 7” and nine previously unreleased tracks). Straight up punk rock in the vein of The Subhumans (from Vancouver, naturally) that really hits the right spot for me. For being forty years old, these recordings sound great. As usual, the package features a booklet with a new band interview and lots of photos and gig flyers. It’s really cool to be able to take a deep dive into a band whose members have gone on to play in some of my favorite Cowtown outfits (Beyond Possession, Forbidden Dimension, Color Me Psycho, and The Zon Zippers to name a few) Cheers to Supreme Echo for another Canuck punk history lesson. –Ty Stranglehold (Supreme Echo,

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