RING 13: Nothing New, Nothing Learned: LP

Nov 22, 2017

Vinyl issue of this Dekalb, Ill. band’s demo tape from 1984. It’s kind of goofy (they were teenagers) but well recorded and has a fun feel to it. If you’re into Circle Jerks then you might dig this, but for fans of those slightly-more-obscure bands from the first wave of USHC (Skate Death, Naked Hippie, Negative Element), this is really an essential release. This was recorded before USHC bands were just concerned with copying each other, so there are some cool and unexpected riffs, including some weird proggy-reggae verse part that is totally out of left field. There are five songs thrown on at the end that were recorded in 2013 and are totally different, like the Replacements with more of a Squeeze/Jam style in the vocal harmonies. I was amazed at how much I liked them. Honestly, the early recordings and the new recordings don’t go well together, but each are worth the price of admission alone. –Ian Wise (Beer City)