RIK AND THE PIGS: “Don’t Tell on Me” b/w “Gimme Mick”: 7”

May 23, 2017

Rik And The Pigs are at it again. “Don’t Tell on Me” is pure lo-fi rock’n’roll fun. Their new 7” lives up to everything I’ve come to expect from The Pigs; it’s catchy and scratchy and clever. Plus, they take it to the next level with their album art. The EP’s cover sports a Doc Marten hovering over a coiled-up rattlesnake wearing a Nazi helmet. Don’t tread on me, indeed. The insert includes a sweet quote from George Carlin about fascism’s imminent/insidious rise in America. Yep, relevant. And “Gimme Mick” is a cheeky devotional to Jagger Christ. Is he god or is he just a guy with really big lips? Dudes, shut up and give Rik And The Pigs your money already. –Simone Carter (Total Punk, floridasdying.com)