RIGHT HERE, THE: Stick to the Plan: CD

Sep 22, 2016

Straight out of the gate, the warm hum of well-used vocal chords burst through, bringing with them feelings of regret, nostalgia, and earnestness. Guitars are bright and uplifting, with a twang and grittiness to them. Lyrics are insular, though not narrow-minded. They sound like a small town America band, yet they’re based in Minneapolis, a city that has produced too many amazing punk bands to count. Midwest living is certainly worn on their sleeves, especially in lyrics like: “Wake me when it’s over / Judge me when I’m sober / You said you had your fill of lies and that’s enough.” There’s a beautiful, slower song called “Seattle, Breathe” that I suspect I’ll default on whenever things get rough here in the emerald city. With a slight southern drawl and some of the hooks, this falls near the umbrella of cow punk. Fans of Arms Aloft, Red City Radio, Chuck Ragan, and The Lawrence Arms will love this. –Kayla Greet (Rum Bar, rumbarrecords.bandcamp.com)