RID OF ME: Traveling: CD/CS/LP

Mar 15, 2022

Named after a 1993 PJ Harvey album, it’s not surprising that Philadelphia’s Rid Of Me plays music heavily influenced by a ’90s sound. No, not so much anything from Harvey’s albums, but more along the line of grunge and noise. Consisting of members of Soul Glo, Fight Amp, and Low Dose, Itarya Rosenberg’s vocals are strong and fierce. The band reminds me of a slowed down, darker version of The Gits, probably because Rosenberg’s vocals are reminiscent of Mia Zapata’s. I totally dig the brooding, slow churn of many of these songs but also the push of “I Don’t Wanna” and “Spilling.” Rid Of Me can handle a wide range of speed and dynamics and does so very well. Throughout it all there’s a dark agitation of anger and angst. This is great stuff. –Kurt Morris (knifehitsrecords.com)

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