RICKY RAT: Ghosts of Isolation: LP

Mar 10, 2023

Double R is probably best known for his time with ’90s glam pop sleaze punkers the Trash Brats; the last time I saw him, he was playing with That Which Is Currently Known As The Dead Boys. Make no mistake, the dude has got his rock’n’roll bona fides in order. Ghosts of Isolation doesn’t explicitly state anywhere that it was recorded during COVID lockdown, but it certainly has that feel to it—that I am still here, can you see me? vibe that permeated the collective 2020 mindset. This is a photo of me playing guitar in my living room, because this living room is where I play guitar. On my jacket I have the insignias of some bands I like, because I want you to know I like these bands. I’m sitting in front of my CDs, because I want you to know I like CDs and have a lot of them. On my table are some books that I want you to know I like. That sort of thing. Ghosts of Isolation really seems like an artist’s statement of some sort—the kind they have on gallery walls: This is me, this is what I do, take it or leave it. The record doesn’t feel like “songs” so much as it feels like a determined barrage of one-way communication with anyone left in the outside world. At this it is not unsuccessful. Rock’n’roll.BEST SONG: “Glow of Gabriel’s.” BEST SONG TITLE: “I Can’t See Shit.” Wanna try my bifocals? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Features a guest appearance by Brad Elvis from first the Elvis Brothers and then the Romantics and that dude is about the funnest drummer to watch that you’ll ever see. –Rev. Nørb (I-94)

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