RICKIE & AIMEE MONTHLY #10, $?, 7” x 8 ½”, 14 pgs.

Oct 05, 2016

Rickie & Aimee Monthly is a sort of a “what’s happening”’ newsletter for young Memphis weirdos. Issue 10 showcases an interview with local photographer Jade Thirawas and marriage advice from rockabilly couple Anne Schorr and Richard James. One tidbit: don’t complain about your partners in public! There’s also a relationship advice column, a style icon feature—icon Ariel hates denim, which is gutsy—and an “availables” section with eight Memphis cuties, like Baby Blood (m), who wants to smoke weed in a dumpster with you; and Peapits (f), who wants some of that sourdough starter you’ve been talking about. All right, at the least, you’d want to email Rickie and Aimee for a list of fun things to do after getting thrown out of Graceland for pretending to be Edvis, Elvis’s long lost older bro. What else is there to say? My tongue gets tied when I try to speak. Rickie & Aimee Monthly, you’re all shook up. –Jim Joyce (Rickie and Aimee, 910 Barksdale, Memphis, TN 38107)