RICHIE RAMONE: “I Fix This” b/w “Pretty Poison”: 7”

Sep 20, 2017

Aside from the fact that I feel like we reached peak Ramones saturation about a bajillion years ago, there’s no refuting the fact that Richie seems to be having a blast here and sounds vocally, much to his credit, like a monster yanked off a barstool and put in front of a microphone. He’s gotten a few young guns to come in and play with him and the result is a fun, punchy pair of songs. Think Heartbreakers, Sons Of Hercules, swaggering rock stuff like that. Dude is pushing sixty and still playing in bands—both singing and drumming—and that’s definitely worth a tip of the hat. Produced by Paul Roessler of the Screamers, which was a cool little factoid to come across. –Keith Rosson (Outro)