Richard Rose photo by Deb Frazin

Richard Rose at The Hi-Hat, Los Angeles, 2020 | Photo by Deb Frazin

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Have you ever listened to a new record for the first time, and it hits you so hard in the gut it actually hurts? A record you’ve become so obsessed with, you have to hear it at least five times a day? Richard Rose’s debut EP did that to me.
In my world, Chris Shaw can do no wrong. I don’t think he’s ever recorded one song that I didn’t love. He gave us Ex-Cult, Goggs (w/Ty Segall and Charles Moothart), and now his current project, Richard Rose. The band also includes members of Bad Sports, OBN III’s, Snooty Garbagemen, Grave Flowers Bongo Band, and Hooveriii.

All of the music is written by guitarist Thomas Rose, and the lyrics are written by Richard Lawrence (Chris Shaw). They’re pushing their sound into a creative direction divergent of all the other bands here in Los Angeles. It’s slower-paced Goggs entwined with The Stooges Funhouse, drenched in a sludgy blast of Black Sabbath IV, and it’s SO MIND-BLOWINGLY GOOD.

If you haven’t caught one of their shows yet, you’ve been missing out on something special. The live shows are heavy and captivating. Shaw has always taken a serious, thoughtful approach to all of his projects, and that’s why the recordings and shows are always on the top-notch level.

Richard Rose’s new full-length album Radiation Breeze will be released on In The Red Records this spring (and surprisingly, they’ve already finished writing their second album). Two killer albums to look forward to—I couldn’t be happier!