RICHARD HAMILTON: My Perfect World / Memory Palace / Kiss Touch 2000: CS

Jan 21, 2022

Three full length albums of ’90s-style power pop and indie pop is what we have here from Richard Hamilton. It’s the exact type of stuff that Not Lame would have distributed and Amplifier Magazine would have covered twenty years ago. My Perfect World is very much in the Yellow Pills compilation realm of sound and more than once I though of Adam Schmitt while listening to the ten songs on this tape. There is a bit of an indie pop feel in places due to the backing vocals but, overall, this is pure major label ’90s power pop. Memory Palace has more of a lo-fi recording which puts it into indie pop territory. Bit of an Apples In Stereo / Guided By Voices feel but that tuneful, bigger sound is still in place here and there on these twelve songs. Kiss Touch 2000 features nine songs performed solo and seems to split the sound between the two previous releases. These songs have a real 4-track feel which bring Matthew Sweet to mind in places and more twee type stuff in others. –Mike Frame (Quality Time,