REZILLOS, THE: Some Product—Carri on Rezillos: CD

Nov 15, 2022

For those who are either too young or too apathetic to know or care (and, if this is the case, good for you), Some Product—Carri on Sex Pistols was a 1979 spoken word album made up of snippets of audio interviews with the band, by then dissolved (and, in the case of their bassist, deceased). The record followed in the footsteps of similar exploitation records of a previous generation, like a half-serious, half tongue-in-cheek version of 1964’s The Beatles Story. While such records are, pretty obviously, lame cash grabs with limited functional utility in the record collection of the average schmoe, you gotta admit, re-casting the title phrase “Some Product—Carri On ______” as a clandestine brand name in the vein of the Killed By Death series is actually pretty goddamn genius. As for the content here, it’s bits and pieces of 21st Century interviews with Fay and Eugene—still armed with those delicious Scottish accents—interspersed with live song snippets, followed by a more in-depth interview with Jo Callis, not interspersed with song snippets. Thrill to the anecdote about how Eugene initially attracted Fay’s attention by smashing large chunks of stained glass over his head at art school! Oh crap, I should have said “spoiler alert” before mentioning that. The best spoken word record since that Phantom Surfers thing where they made the prank phone call to Dick Dale! BEST TRACK: “We Didn’t Use Props.” BEST TRACK TITLE: “Chip Shop Elvii.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The same guy who wrote “Don’t You Want Me” for the Human League wrote “Flying Saucer Attack,” “(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures,” and “Bad Guy Reaction.” Weird.–Rev. Nørb (Tiranasaurus)

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