Aug 01, 2019

The record contains two sought-after 7”s recorded in ’78 grabbing high prices on the old internet. “Our Generation” moves at a clodding pace with angry, cockney-tinged anger blaring through the speakers. The song utilizes an excellent, full-on thriving beat with extremely literal guitar chords and bass thump landing on the beats. It’s hard driving. Irate. A little ahead of its time in it’s use of full-on, transparent anger without leaning too far into oi. “We’re Not Gonna Take It” edges into a slightly more “of the time” approach with a triumphant and catchy chorus of “We’re not gonna take it/ Oh no” that could have been written by The Buzzcocks but probably would have been more rehearsed had The Buzzcocks done it. The songs are clever and the band stretches themselves just a bit to get the songs recorded. If you like a little “could almost fall apart” in your punk, the album is a no-brainer. Another plus is the website credits Mikey Young for the mastering, and he should be commended, ’cause I turned it up and it sounds good loud. It’s like you’re there. You’ll love it. –Billups Allen (In The Red)