RESTLESS LEGS INQUIRER #6, free, 8 ½” x 11”, copied, 4 pgs.

Mar 10, 2023

“I started doing this zine to deal with my feelings after the uprising dwindled and I saw too many people turn their riotous energy onto other rebels online,” says creator Bryan of Restless Legs Inquirer. Instead of following suit, Bryan redirected their energy into creating this tactile, four-page zine that’s in the style of a newsletter. The zine is part diary, with personal musings on their own life in the past few months and their health issues, work life, and more. But it goes beyond introspection to touch upon a wider breadth of topics, from urban legends to what Bryan calls “ruiners”—those in grassroots movements who intentionally throw a monkey wrench into the wheels of progress purely for the sake of being disruptive. There’s also a band interview and movie reviews, and contributor Charlotte gives a history lesson on southside spots in Minneapolis. Plenty is packed into four pages! Restless Legs Inquirer is sure to keep readers still and rapt. –Gina Murrell (Bryan, 2220 16th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404)

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