RESTLESS LEGS, $6ppd., 4½” x 5¼”, color photographs, 32 pgs.

Dec 03, 2020

Nostalgic and at the same time generative, they’ve done it again in a summer 2020 issue of Restless Legs, in a surely familiar move done just in time for the zine fest imminent at the time of its stapling. Pre-COVID portraits and show shots are interspersed with images of wreckage from the uprisings in Minneapolis and Chicago and more recent portraits, creating a harsh resonance between what we lose and what we build in the ruins. Something I’ve always loved about the photos Bryan takes is how fiercely loving they are: there is something intimate and pure about these images, exemplary punk photography (if it’s not passé to refer to punk anything in this way). If you’ve been keeping up with Restless Legs (and I think this may be my third review of the zine after many trades, fests, and other sundry antics), you had better add this to the collection; if you haven’t, you should be, full stop. –jimmy cooper (Bryan, 2220 16th Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55404)