May 20, 2019

The Resonars are back with twelve tracks of upbeat retro-psych tunes highlighting the band’s signature heavy-thumping bass runs and rising smoke vocal harmonies. A long time solo project of Tucson, Ariz.’s studio engineer supreme Matt Rendon, No Exit is the band’s sixth album. Up to now Rendon has recorded the band’s albums on his own. Once a studio-only project, he has expanded with the regular use of a live band, and The Resonars’ latest effort finds Rendon collaborating with other Tucson musicians. Resonars’ live drummer Johnnie Rinehart takes over drumming duties on several songs on the album. “Gotta Get Out” reunites Rendon with Travis Spillers, his ex-partner in the Tucson punk envoy The Knockout Pills. The two rock out excellent vocal harmonies over a mid-paced, Kinks-style bouncer. Lenguas Largas’ Ricky Shimo also appears performing some of the melodic bass lines serving as a skeleton for stylish layering of fuzz guitar and echo. The Resonars have a unique approach on the retro psych sound without being schticky, contrived, or devoid of style. –Billups Allen (Trouble In Mind,