RESONARS, THE: The Complete Resonars: 7 x CS

May 23, 2017

I’ll start by saying that somewhere out there is a person who can truly parse this complete Resonars discography (seven LPs, a handful of EPs, compilation tracks, outtakes), who can chart the growth from Bright and Dark to Crummy Desert Sound, who can speak to the reasons why the stunning and raw The Resonars On Tour! record was eventually scrapped. Someone can find the obscure references encoded in Matt Rendon and Co.’s sound beyond the obvious Beatles jangle and the general history of post-’60s psychedelia and power pop. Someone knows all the words. I’m not that person, but I will say that The Resonars are pure and true and real. They’re a big, blooming heart. That they made ‘60s garage pop records in the late ‘90s, well before there was a Burger Records scene/infrastructure to support them, is evidence enough that they’re legit. That they’ve been so consistently and evenly good, for years, up to and including their latest releases on Burger, without ever straying from the script, is the real revelation. There are bands who use genre as a jumping off point, who draw from the past and then seem to go beyond genre into their own singular identity. The Resonars commit in the strictest way to genre convention, and it frees them somehow, or perhaps: what’s satisfying is both the particulars of the individual song and the larger devotion to doing one thing the right way, every time. This isn’t remarkable in itself: crime fiction, westerns, bossa nova, soul 45s can all be pleasurable without being visionary. But it’s nice to be reminded. The adherence to rules can be gratifying, comforting. The simplicity can be the thrill. –Matt Werts (Burger,, Lolipop,

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