RESISTENZ ‘32: Gegen Alle Bedenken: LP

Jan 24, 2024

For someone who had Crass, Dead Kennedys, and Stiff Little Fingers as the soundtrack to their youth, Leipzig’s Resistenz ’32 brings back that sense of anger, urgency, and desire to take on the system. There’s no need to find a pigeonhole for Resistenz ’32, as the band is just pure punk rock and that’s enough. Despite not understanding a single word of the lyrics, as they’re in the band’s native language, the passion and anger comes through on each song. Vanessa’s vocals come across with a hoarseness which gives the impression that no quarter was given when Gegen Alle Bedenken was recorded. One of many notable things about this album is the production which brings out the best of all elements of the band without favoring any instrument. I was already a fan of the band’s first album, but this has firmly cemented my feelings towards them. This is up there in my top ten releases of 2023. –Rich Cocksedge (Riot Bike, [email protected], / Fire And Flames, [email protected],

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