RESIDENTS, THE: Duck Stab! Alive!: 2 x 10” + DVD

Nov 15, 2022

For those new to the tale, here’s the skinny: The Residents are a Bay Area band that has existed for nigh on fifty years at this point. A veritable institution in the avant-underground, they’ve released a fuck-ton of records with some of the oddest music you’re gonna hear, as well as working with assorted multimedia platforms and having an undeniable flair for visual imagery (the band’s best-known image is of them decked out in tux ‘n’ tails, giant eyeball masks covering their faces, with a blimp flying behind ’em). The vinyl here is the audio for the included DVD, which is a live-in-the-studio performance their 1978 “hit” album, Duck Stab!/Buster and Glen. The video performance was created to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Night Flight, an old 1980s cable program that was crucial viewing for anyone interested in the fringes of underground music/art/film culture and was also one of the few places where one could see Residents-related films and music videos at the time. The performances here are both better recorded and edgier than the original album, thanks to improved tech and the fact they’re playing “live,” but the songs themselves are just as off the wall, surreal and dissonant, yet oddly infectious as ever. Fans of Cravats and Primus will find mischief much to their liking here. –Jimmy Alvarado (Grand Chess,

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