REPLY, THE: The Complete Collection: 2 x LP

For the first many years I was into punk, my understanding of the Washington DC punk scene from the ’80s was thoroughly connected with everything on Dischord Records. I had no idea there were other bands from that time period in DC that weren’t on Dischord. Then I learned about the Slickee Boys and was surprised to find out the DC scene perhaps was not as small as I thought. I am once again surprised to learn of another ’80s punk band from DC that is new to me. The Reply were teenagers during their tenure and heavily influenced by the likes of The Clash and The Jam. Given the timeline I’d be curious if The Reply were an influence on Chisel or other Ted Leo projects, because I hear a good similarity. The Reply’s sound is very syrupy and laid-back with a good share of mod-influence and even some ska (minus the horns). It’s eclectic without being rudderless and sounds great—it’s clearly had a solid re-mastering. If any of the aforementioned acts are of interest, I’d highly recommend this hidden gem. –Kurt Morris (