REMOTE OUTPOSTS, $6+$4 shipping, 6”x8”, full glossy color, 32pgs.

Jan 27, 2023

This is a solid photozine collecting pictures by Greg Harvester from 1997-present (the majority, however, span 2021-22). Most depict, you guessed it, “remote outposts” encountered on his travels: bridges, signs, gravestones, some people, some scenery. There’s very little “scene” photography as a matter of personal preference on Harvester’s part. The zine is printed in full color on glossy paper, but some of the photos don’t seem to have blown up very well (or, in true punk fashion, might not have been technically high quality photos in the first place; in any event, technical limitations are part of the game of film photography). Remote Outposts reminds me of Livejournal or Myspace or even early Instagram when everyone was posting super-moody pics of bridges, signs, gravestones, some people, and some scenery. That kind of nostalgia is super in right now (and I’m subject to my own fair share of it), and this retrospective of twenty-plus years of photography just might do it for you if that’s your thing. –jimmy cooper (Greg Harvester, PO Box 40786, SF, CA 94140,

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