REMAINDERS: Self-titled: LP

Mar 22, 2017

Remainders, from Pittsburgh, Pa., blitz through ten tracks of introspective pop punk. Although I’m struck with déjà vu because I’m reminded of the gruff melodicism of Dowsing, Great Apes, and The Tim Version, Remainders benefit from an enviably precise rhythm section and heartfelt vocals that demand a response. The dual vocalists complement each other—one a barrel-chested growl, and the other a higher octave yell that recalls At The Drive-In. Admittedly, Remainders aren’t totally for me; there’s little new brought to the crowded genre, but I can think of at least ten people who will love this record. However, “Trying Too Hard” is the clear MVP. I can’t get that damn song out of my head; I can see the room at The Fest erupting during the opening notes. –Sean Arenas (A-F,