REIZ: Self-titled: LP

Mar 20, 2018

While I don’t understand any of the lyrics, this band from Mannheim, Germany totally rocks. If you like your punk super dancey with a side of snotty, à la The Briefs, Uranium Club, and Marked Men, this is the cup of tea for you. The record is mixed in a way that allows the rumbly bass to carry through over some catchy minor chord progressions and the snappy thuds of the drums. I really enjoy the track “D.B.I.”—as it’s a slower pace and a bit droney but still has a hint of power pop to it. The closing song has a bit of a ska groove starting out, and includes what sounds like a theremin or keyboard at the bridge. Right after I listened to this, I went straight to their bandcamp to check out what else they have. So far, it’s just a demo and this—both of which are fantastic. –Kayla Greet (Spastic Fantastic, / Kink, / Pifia,, [email protected])