REGULAR WIGLAR #26: BEST OF THE BLOG 2005-2020, $8, 5½” x 8 ½”, 40 pgs.

Jan 26, 2021

Regular Wiglar has me wistful for an era of the internet I hardly even lived through—let’s be real, I was playing Webkinz for at least the first third of the Regular Wiglar blog’s existence. Is the blog going out of style? Has it been out of style? At odds with the character limit of Twitter and the immediate gratification (and miniscule word count) of the memes that capture so much of my attention, I wonder with some frequency after the lost possibilities of the blog medium as a way to circulate actual thoughts and even thoughtful humor. Now, Regular Wiglar doesn’t exactly do this (and excuse me for using the review form to pontificate about online media), but it is goofy, fun, and doesn’t fill me with existential dread like literally everything else on the internet. If you like band name jokes, this is the zine for you: it’s chock full of ‘em. –jimmy cooper ([email protected],