REGLAR WIGLAR #27, $8, 6½” x 10”, full color, 32 pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

Making its debut in the standard comic book format is Reglar Wiglar #27, which its creator Chris Auman has been putting out since 1993. Reminding us that “There is No U in Reglar Wiglar,” Auman has in this full-color debut brought readers a hilarious (self) bio penned by the fictitious Robert Studwood Hues, Famous Art Critic; robot stories and fables; profile of forgotten Matty Lou’s Home-Cooked Chicken Dinner 1975-1976; today’s life lesson (“Working with a Hangover”); and bold comics on “Old Hardcore Dudes” and “Casetty Pays a Visit,” the latter of which features an anthropomorphic cassette tape walking into a bar called The Easy Speaker and engaging in sometimes heated conversations with vinyl records, iPods, and CDs, also anthropomorphized and drinking beer and shooting pool. Reglar Wiglar #27 is anything but regular. –Gina Murrell (RoosterCow Media,

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