REDWOODS: Megaflora: LP

Jan 18, 2017

As far as I can tell, this is the first effort from a four piece group out of London. Megaflora clocks in at just seven songs—a bit short for an LP—but what they lack in content they make up in having a rich and full sound. The guitar work here is bright and appealing to both emo and power pop sensibilities. It creates a sweet foundation to layer male and female vocals over. Overall, the songs have a classic late-’90s college rock feel to them and intertwine a deep bass tone with crisp drum fills, as well as an undercurrent of melodic keys. Redwoods is akin to the type of alternative bands like The Breeders featured on Buffy the Vampire Slayer playing at the Bronze. There’s a warmth and youthfulness to them that sets them rather close to twee pop, but just far enough away to carve out a spot that’s all their own. –Kayla Greet (Everything Sucks,