May 27, 2020

This gives off a strong Echo And The Bunnymen vibe along with elements of Bauhaus, Killing Joke, and The Church. There’s quite a bit of gated snare, gloomy distortion, wailing guitars, reverb, and echoed vocals. It’s very darkwave, ’80s, goth, and experimental. The songs have a prominent heavy bass line that plods along under many layers of fuzz. One track, “The River,” includes a saxophone which gives a bit of levity to the otherwise despondent sound. Directly following that is “Preservation,” which is one of the most uplifting tracks and is downright beautiful. On the liner notes it says this record was “driven by anxiety, fear, loss, and a search for truth—truth in life, truth in death.” I think they’ve nailed that theme and now is the time to be digging deep into a record like this. –Kayla Greet (Redscroll)