RED LOCKS, THE: Arena Dream Trap: CD

Jul 20, 2022

The Red Locks is comprised of a husband and wife and their fourteen-year-old son. The first song, “Our Father,” starts with the Lord’s Prayer followed by the repeatedly sung phrase “Eating pussy cures cancer.” There must be some interesting conversations in that household. And I don’t mean to throw any shade on educating your young teen on the joys of cunnilingus—I actually think it’s great—but trying to imagine myself in a band with my seventy-something-year-old conservative parents and my mom singing “Eating pussy cures cancer” is causing my brain to melt right now. I don’t know how to segue from that image to the music on Arena Dream Trap. I’ll quickly summarize it by saying it’s power pop and trap fronted by someone who sounds likeBjörk or Gwen Stefani. Other than that bizarre first track, this isn’t bad, but I still can’t get the idea out of my head of my mom singing about eating pussy, so I’m going to go die now. –Kurt Morris (Self-released)

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