RED LIGHTS: Self-titled: LP

Dec 03, 2020

Red Lights is Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s first recorded work prior to founding the seminal and highly esteemed Los Angeles blues punks The Gun Club. The songs are taken straight from tapes previously unreleased and provided by the Pierce estate. Far from the bluesy and brooding musicianship The Gun Club became so well known for, the Red Lights is an experiment in mostly power pop with some reggae and proto punk influence. The included liner notes and interviews with former band members reveal that the Red Lights shared a drummer with power pop legends The Last and that the band’s biggest show was opening up for the Germs and Middle Class, but only before moving to New York and effectively ending the group, which explains their obscurity. Musically, the songs definitely hit more in the style of power pop but are replete with Jeffrey’s (even then) soulful vocals which would become his signature later on. This record is strictly for the diehard JLP fans so I suggest familiarizing yourself with The Gun Club (particularly Fire of Love) to be able to better appreciate the treasure trove that this recording is. –Juan Espinosa (In The Red, / Spacecase,