May 23, 2018

Oh, shit yes. A response to the election of 45, this tape is fucking brutal and beautiful. It’s four driving, political supplications that are biting indictments of a system we all know is fucked up. But because of its witty lyricism and tempo shifts, it manages to move from, “Yeah, no shit to dude,” to, “Holy fuck, you’re totally right.” Lyrics like, “when you have to decide between being well and poor, I’ll save the co-pay, dig my own grave” probably won’t tell you anything you don’t know (or already agree with) but the clever digs at this particular brand of American bullshit (“I’ve prepared a treaty, for which you will sign. It’s tweet-length, so I know you can read it”) make it enjoyable. And instead of being all driving, all pushed out, all the way, there’s some interesting more development stuff as the short tape goes on. I’m pretty blown away by the last song, “Digging for Coal,” which I think is a project in trying to explore how a music experience can invoke the same pace and charge of mining. It rules. –Theresa W. (Crass Lips,