REALIZE: Two Human Minutes: LP

Jan 24, 2024

Heavy-as-hell industrial music. Obvious nods to Godflesh, and perhaps Ministry, but the closest they get to dance club material is the instrumental “Voice like Running Water.” Like Godflesh, they go for the most crushing sounds they can find, and it’s dark and sinister, hanging in the darkness, and snaking around when it seems like things are leveling off. The lyrics compound the bleakness with words of one’s brain essentially boiling in their skull from the realization of a world coming apart and losing grip with what was real. Each song is one massive barrage of sound. Even when it seems quiet, there are layers and layers of music rising from the sonic haze. The choice cut for me is “Nature Bot,” as it sounds a little different from the rest, and there’s a slightly different shade of black in the mood. –Matt Average (To Live A Lie, [email protected],

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