REAL TEARS: Hayfever: LP

Mar 25, 2020

I could be wrong, but it feels like interest in power pop-influenced punk is waning a bit. Sadly, it’s one of those genres not sustaining itself due to benchmarks that don’t allow for much experimentation. You just kinda have to be good at it to pull it off. If you have power pop fatigue, you might want to check out Real Tears. This Swedish outfit who seem to take all their promo pictures outside (get indoors you idiots, you’re in Sweden) come across as disciples of the power pop+speed equation. Up to the forth song the album is good. The fourth track “Unwashable Hands of Mine” will win you over. It’s quick, thoughtful, and fun. I could go into particulars, but it’s really the basic formula that drives me to like this music. The guitars and vocals resemble The Boys mixed occasionally with the romantic jangle of The Records. “Dumpster Diving” could be a ’77 classic. Even when they slow their roll a bit they nail it. Putting them over the top, the band has a real grip on the ethereal qualities of a solid power pop offering. It sounds like something you’d put on late at night, or in a car going nowhere. –Billups Allen (Alien Snatch)

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