Sep 17, 2018

Power pop riffs, plus rock’n’roll leads, over a driving rhythm section. The drumming is really well recorded and sounds amazing. Vocals have a bit of Leonard from The Dickies, Davey of AFI, and something else that I can’t quite place. They’re not super snotty though, and that’s awesome. Many places on the internet call them Ramones-core and I definitely disagree. The song “Everywhere You Go” has a saxophone cutting in and providing a rad filler, plus a sharp piano intro and solo with both instruments in the bridge. It’s a surprising rock’n’roll song in the midst of lots of power pop that flirts with pop punk at times. They leave off with a ballad that includes some Thin Lizzy-inspired guitar leads. The Real Sickies manage to root their sound in modern day, while clearly paying homage to their influences. They even include a cover of The Barracudas for good measure. –Kayla Greet (It’s Alive / Monster Zero / This Is Pop)