Razorcake Record Review Guidelines and FAQs

Please read if you plan on sending review material into Razorcake.

• The address to send all review material is Razorcake, PO Box 42129, LA, CA 90042. You may address it to specific reviewers. Just make sure they’re active.

• Full album art is required for a review. Pre-releases go into the trash. Don’t treat us like second-rate citizens. We’re all volunteers here.

• Are you really sending us a download card or a link to review? Nope, we won’t review ’em.

• You’re sending us a CD-R of a piece of vinyl you’re releasing to cut on costs? Please don’t pull that stunt with us. We know mail’s expensive, but we send full copies of the zine as a thanks to all who send us material to review (if your address is provided).

•It is very important to put a postal address on each and every piece of music sent in. Many packages get separated and given to different reviewers.

Reviews may take six months. Be patient. We’re bi-monthly and have reviewers worldwide.


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