Razorcake Podcast #879 with Daryl

Jun 07, 2024

Welcome to the Shitlist, where we play the absolute worst that’s come out in the last several months. Some might say there’s no such thing as bad music, as you can see, that obviously isn’t true.


The Shitlist:
Head Cut, “Espejo Eléctrico” Corazón Negro (Head Cut)
Perennial, “Art History” Lemon on Plastic (Ernest Jenning)
Viceprez, “Invisible” Tropical Connexion (Adagio830)
Teini-Pää, “Viime Aikoina” Mietin Minne Meet (Vague Absolutes)
The Prize, “One Day At A Time” Split with The Unknowns (Bargain Bin)
Liquid Mike, “Works Bomb” Paul Bunyan’s Slingshot (Temporal)
Lazy Summer, “Ego Trip” Another Summer (Salinas)
Vidro, “Aldrig mer fred” Upp Till Dans (Beach Impediment / Push My Buttons)
Mariscal X, “Fuera de Fuego” Una Yarda Mas (Extinction Burst)
Rifle, “Marked Man” Under Two Flags (Standard Process)
- - -
Faulty Cognitions, “Let the Kids Have the Scene” Somehow, Here We Are (Cercle Social)
Kora Puckett, “Far As I Can Tell” 3 Songs (Let’s Pretend)
Bob Vylan, “Hunger Games” Humble As the Sun (Ghost Theatre)
Abolition, “Corporate Shit” Demo (Mendeku Diskak)
Mannequin Pussy, “I Don’t Know You” I Got Heaven (Epitaph)
Wesley & The Boys, “King Size Candy Bar” Internet Punk (Sweet Time)
The Dark, “Sinking Into Madness” Sinking Into Madness (Toxic State)
Cruciform, “Time Spent” Cassette (Toxic State)
Savak, “The New New Age” Flavors of Paradise (Peculiar Works / Ernest Jenning)
Antenna, “Lost” Self-titled (Urge)

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