Razorcake Podcast #877 with Midnight at Mazems Epsiode 19 - All Comps Are Bastards!

May 24, 2024

The long-awaited nineteenth volume of Midnight O’ Mazems with 14 songs including double the ska! Bill and Booth serve up the best in pointless stories and facts! Super cheap-ass price for all you cheap-ass kids. Dust off your CD book and make a space for Midnight At Mazems: All Comps Are Bastards!

Ten Foot Pole “Racer X” Punk Sucks Comp (Liberation, 1995)
- - -
Low Pressure “Child of Distinction” Hey Brother... Can You Spare Some Ska? Comp (Vegas, 1996)
New Bomb Turks “Jukebox Lean” Punk-O-Rama 2 Comp (Epitaph, 1996)
The Get Up Kids “Close to Me” Before You Were Punk 2 Comp (Vagrant, 1999)
Rancid “The Brothels” Give Em The Boot Comp (Hellcat, 1997)
- - -
J Church “Undisputed King of Nothing” Honest Don's Greatest Shits Comp (Honest Don's, 1998)
Good Riddance “Mother Superior” Fat Music Volume 2: Survival of the Fattest Comp (Fat Wreck, 1996)
Algebra One “Fireball” Take Action! Sub City Comp (Sub City, 1999)
The Hippos “Far Behind” Five Years on the Streets Comp (Vagrant, 1998)
- - -
Gameface “My Star” Cinema Beer Belly Comp (Hopeless, 1999)
Samiam “Regret” At War With Society Comp (New Red Archives, 2001)
Neon Christ “Ashes To Ashes” International P.E.A.C.E. Compilation (R Red / MRR, 1984)
Douglas “Keeping Up” Serial Killer Compilation (Fearless, 1999)
- - -
Rise Against “Gethsemane” OIL: Chicago Punk Defined Comp (Thick, 2003)

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