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Razorcake Podcast #876 with Daryl

May 10, 2024

Welcome to the Shitlist, where we play the absolute worst that’s come out in the last several months. Some might say there’s no such thing as bad music, as you can see, that obviously isn’t true.


The Shitlist:
Missing Eyes, “Ugly Dead Skin” Demo
Christy Costello, “Uranium Baby” From the Dark LP (Self-released)
Walk The Plank, “Dugout” Loathe 12” EP (Mt. Crushmore)
Good Shade, “When Will You See” Think Spring (Self-released)
Sux, “I’ll Kick Your Ass” Shit City CS (Youth Riot)
Lost Legion, “Staring Down the Valley” Behind the Concrete Veil LP (Mendeku Diskak)
Prise Rapide, "La Nuit" Self-titled (Self-released)
ADD/C, “Fatherloss” Ordinary Souls LP (Let’s Pretend)
猿芝居,“箱庭療法” 何々の螺旋 (SPHC)
Rigorous Institution, “World of Illusion” Strange Harvest LP (Symphony Of Destruction)
- - -
An Slua, “Big Man Yeah” Intercontinental Oi! comp LP (Insurgence / Smith & Miller)
Gurs, “Volverán” Gerran Bizi Gara LP (Symphony Of Destruction)
Cran, “Les Lumières du Soir” Rejet EP (Une Vie Pour Rien / Longshot)
NØ MAN, “Can’t Kill Us All” Glitter and Spit LP (Iodine)
The Wimps, “Animal” City Lights LP (Youth Riot)
Marġot Erkner, “Morgens halb Zehn” Self-titled LP (Flight 13)
Jug, “Jug Theme” Or Not 7” (Neon Taste)
Cosmit, “I Know What I’m Like” Still Cosmit (Self-released)
Dollhouse, “Nobody’s Favorite” I Hate You Don’t Leave Me 7” (Toxic State)
Heavy Seas, “The Depression Industry” Distortion Days LP (Rad Girlfriend / Little Rocket)

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