Razorcake Podcast #875 with Rick V.

May 03, 2024

Your pal Rick V. plays some ditties he's been listening to. Some classics, some hardcore songs, some very synth heavy new wave songs, and two bands called Youth In Asia.

Yellowcake, "Eradicated Peace", Can You See the Future? (Not For the Weak)
- - -
VIVISICK, "Kaleidoscope", Nuked Identity (Vivisick)
Johnny Notebook, "Video Blog", ...and the 28th Century Mates (Sounds of Subterrenia)
Problem Patterns, "Who Do We Not Save", Blouse Club (Alcopop!)
Yellow Rain, "Ape Gone Wrong", Generation Dead (Let's Pretend)
- - -
VHS Dust "Wake in Fright", Self-titled (KDAB Records N Tapes)
Minutemen, "West Germany", Double Nickles On the Dime (SST)
DFL, "The Mosher", My Crazy Life (Grand Royale)
Brute Spring, "High Above", Turquoise Window (Swimming Faith)
- - -
Alien State, "Holidaze in Hospital", Distorted States of Mind (Realcide)
Nervous Tick and the Zipper Lips, "Not Just a Phage", The Monochromatic Mind of...(Feral Kid Records)
Youth In Asia (IN), "Meddle", Self-titled Demo (Unlawful Assembly)
- - -
Youth In Asia (NH), "Heretic", 10 Songs (Self released)
Nouveaux, "Landscapes", Self-titled (Castra)
Kólga, "Is This Real?", Black Tides (Otitis Media)
- - -
Dexy's Midnight Runner, "There There My Dear", Searching For the Young
Soul Rebels

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