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Razorcake Podcast #868 with Daryl

Mar 15, 2024

Welcome to the Shitlist, where we play the absolute worst that’s come out in the last several months. Some might say there’s no such thing as bad music, as you can see, that obviously isn’t true.


The Shitlist:
Witching Waves, “The Valley” Streams and Waterways LP (Specialist Subject)
Constant Insult, “No Covenant” Demo 2023 CS
Home Front, “Nation” Games of Power LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
The Chisel, “Cry Your Eyes Out” What a Fucking Nightmare LP (Pure Noise)
Fugitive Bubble, “Chickenhead” Delusion LP (Sorry State)
The Ex-Bats, “Cry About Me” Song Machine LP (Goner)
Barbed Wires, “Overrun” Self-titled CD (Let’s Pretend)
Faulty Cognitions, “Las Cruces” Demo CS (Dead Broke)
Angel Face, “Bad Feeling” Self-titled LP (Slovenly)
Chinese Telephones, “Come and See Me” Outta My Hands 7” (Dead Broke / Bloated Kat)
O-D-EX, “So Nice” Breaker LP (Dirtnap)
MESS, “My Own Game” Under Attack LP (Mendeku Diskak)
Hez, “No Quiero Trabajar” Panamaniacs LP (Discos Enfermos)
Cut Piece, “”Mind Regression” Self-titled 7” (Dirt Cult)
Cigarette Camp, “Chalk” Chalk 7” (Dead Broke / Bloated Kat / Big Dreams)
Instant Ruin, “Christian Fascist”
Street Eaters, “The Point”
Night Court, “Joey the Mechanical Boy” Frater Set 7” (Drome Day)

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