Razorcake Podcast #867 with Christian Valles

Mar 08, 2024

Here is a collection of songs from bands you should see in 2024.


Fortuna Malvada “4Evr” Strength Through Wounding (Self-release)
- - -
Futura “En La Ciudad” V (Self-release)
Slaughterhouse “Poison” Self-titled(Self-release)
Fea “Ya Se” No Novelties (Blackheart)
Lagrimas “Illusions of success” Split (LA Crust)
- - -
Tozcos “Sangre Roja, Sangre Tuya” Sueños Deceptivos (Verdugo Discos)
Buggin “Snack Run” Concrete Cowboys (Flatspot)
Glixen “Splendor” Single (Julia’s War)
SlutBomb “Bi Force” Self-titled (Landslide)
- - -
Body Farm “Ohioan Solidarity” Living Hell (Blind Rage)
Grudge packer “Fast ‘n’ Loud” Self-titled (The Crows Nest)
Violencia “Mundo Polarizado” Viviendo Tiempos Aún Más O scuros (To Live A Lie)
Repression “War Come Home” Self-titled (11PM)
Kumbia Queers “Kumbia Zombie” God Save The Queers EP (Comfort zone)
- - -
Tomar Control “Repression” Incendiaria (Self-release)
Taqbir “Tfou 3lik” Self-titled (Self-release)
System Of Hate (S.O.H.) “Ambuscade” Split(1753)
Bad Image “Big Deal” Self-titled (Self-release)
- - -
Bloodstains “Anti-Social” Self-titled (Hostage)
Niis “False Ideals” Must Be… (Self-release)
Free Tampons “Do Your Drugs” Self-titled (Self-release)
- - -
Spam Killer “Breaking Ground-Rock Bottom” Habituation (SPAM)

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