Razorcake Podcast #866 When Horns Are Okay31: Hornage with Ethan, Todd, and Tim

Mar 01, 2024

Welcome to When Horns Are Okay, where we play punk and punk-adjacent songs that don’t suck, with horns. Understand that Ethan, Tim, and Todd are judges, jurors, and selecto-cutioners of if a sound is a horn or not. Case in point: Teenage Chainsaw’s “MakeOutTown.” There may not be a horn, but we don’t care and Ethan “stands by a hard lie.” Hey, it’s our podcast. We’ll quit doing it when the first person coughs up $10,000 for us to stop.

Ethan stumbles out of the gate with the phrase “potty horn,” which we claim is a new term for “butthole.” Fun.

Todd asks in an open solicitation for someone to make him a mix of Patti Smith’s “Punkpunk” songs. Pay attention to the capitalization of “P” and the duplication of the word “punk.”

Come for Todd’s butchering of the Finnish language and stay for his Vanilla Ice-ing of the PSA.

Corrections: Boots Riley did not act in the movie Sorry to Bother You, but he did direct and write it. Todd was thinking of LaKeith Stanfield’s portrayal in that movie, which is fantastic.

Suggestions: If you like the Grip Grand / GG Doom track, look up Old City, Black Bastards, a mashup of Doom (the U.K. hardcore/crust band) and MF Doom.

Footnote: The title of this podcast is in homage to the Descendents.

You’re welcome?

–Todd Taylor

Teenage Chainsaw, “MakeOutTown,” Greatest Hits (Self-released)
- - -
The Softies, “C.I. Angel,” Suicide Pilot 7” (Charly)
Tuff Darts, “Fun City,” Tuff Darts
Fresh, “See You Later,” Fresh out of Borstal
The Smugglers, “Don’t Mess with Beez,” Mutiny in Stereo” (Lookout)
- - -
Syyskuu, “Susi,” “Susi” b/w “Dracula” (Kumibeat)
Olotila, “Tulevaisuuteen,” Oy Imatran Voima EP
Nymfodite, “Rumpalityttö,” Rumpalityttö 7” (Voodoo)
Pax Americana, “Emmä Jaksa,” Turhaa Rahaa Turhaa Työtä (Brew)
Alakulttuurin Kusipäät, “Noitavaino,” Noitavaino 7”EP (Underground Productions)
- - -
Patti Smith Group, “Seven Ways of Going,” Wave LP
Plataforma, “El Arco,” Espacio De Dolor (Humo Internacional)
We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It, “What’s the Point,” Bostin’
Steve Austin
Josie Cotton, “Faster Pussycat,” Invasion of the B-Girls (Dionysus /
Kitten Robot)
- - -
Eric B. & Rakim, “Don’t Sweat the Technique” Gold LP
The Coup, “Dig It!” Kill My Landlord LP (Wild Pitch)
Grip Grand / GG Doom, “Bain de Soleil”
Sax Machine, “Funk Punk,” “Funk Punk” b/w “Vibes with Us,” 7” (Soul Garden)
- - -
B​´​schi​ß​n, “Speedboot,” from split with Ponys auf Pump (Phantom)

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