Theater Of Hate...with horns!

Razorcake Podcast #851 When Horns Are Okay Horns 27: Jesus Was a Trombonist with Ethan, Todd, and Tim

Nov 17, 2023

The reason why Todd says “Fuck Exene”: Exene Cervenka is a self-appointed “conspiracy therapist” who under the internet name “Christine Notmyrealname,” went full-on Trump-soaked-in-Alex-Jones’s piss. On her now-deleted YouTube channel, she asserted the Santa Barbara/Isla Vista mass shootings and stabbings, the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, and the Boston Marathon bombing were all false flag operations with crisis actors. The reason? To push stricter gun laws. She places “conspiracy” above easily verifiable facts and perpetuates ongoing harm to those who lost loved ones. The progressive press has been largely soft and quiet about Exene because X is a venerated, respected punk band. Ethan plays an X song with a horn. Todd allows it because he still has hope for John Doe and has heard he’s a really nice guy. We both agree it’s not the best X song, but it’s got a horn.

And with that ringing endorsement, here’s another hour-plus of punk and punk-adjacent songs with horns in them.

Three quick notes, so it’s not all negative.

Mary Weiss was the lead singer of the Shangra-Las. She disappeared from music for decades. She managed a furniture store and was an interior designer in the late 1980s. By 2001, she was a furniture consultant to New York businesses. She recorded Dangerous Game in 2007 with The Reigning Sound.

Ethan’s new nickname is Ethan “Sorel” Rough Kid. Listen to the podcast to find out why.

The reference in the subtitle is a play on a Reagan Youth song, “Jesus Was a Communist.” Thanks, Tim.

–Todd Taylor

Armia, “Jezeli,” Jak Punk to Punk compilation LP (Tonpress)
- - -
Theatre Of Hate, “Do You Believe in the Westworld?” Westworld LP (Burning Rome)
Super Heroines, “The Beast,” Cry for Help LP (Bemisbrain)
Norma Loy, “Power of Spirit,” Sacrifice (Just’in)
Screaming Dead, “The Lovers” The Danse Macabre Collection 12”EP (Angel)
Soviet Sex, “Time Time,” Happy End LP (Eksakt)
- - -
Mary Weiss With The Reigning Sound, “A Certain Guy,” Dangerous Game (Norton)
Sandie Shaw, “Please Help the Cause against Loneliness,” Hello Angel (Rough Trade)
X, “Watch the Sun Go Down,” Ain’t Love Grand LP
Hold Steady, “Sequestered in Memphis,” Stay Positive LP (Vagrant)
- - -
Siouxsie & The Banshees, “The Passenger,” The Passenger LP
Makthaverskan, “Ten Days,” F​ö​r Allting LP (Run For Cover)
The Sorels, “Make Me Party,” Love Your Rock N’ Roll EP (Reta)
The’s, “Jump Jack, Jump,” “Continental Hop” b/w “Jump Jack, Jump” 7”(Time Bomb)
Sex Tide, “Everything That Happens,” Ohio EP (Feeding Tube)
- - -
Armia, “Kochaj Mnie,” Legenda LP(Wifon)