Bill and Booth do The Misfits with style!

Razorcake Podcast #850 with Midnight at Mazems - Episode 16 “BillandBoothoween”

Nov 10, 2023

All Hallows Eve, celebrated in most countries on October 31st, but not here in The Samhain Sanctuary (aka Booth’s garage between some golf clubs and an old aquarium) No! Here we celebrate the arrival of the Allhallowtide based upon our own lunar and Occultist derivations. The runes foretell us the night will be a few weeks afterwards, most likely on a Friday! Come thither while we listen to some ritualistically spooky jams, summon the dead and perhaps even perform esoteric rituals of the Golden Dawn! Trab Pu Kcip Trab pu Kcip!

Head Cut “Ojos En La Luna” HEAD CUT LP (2022 - Head Cut)
- - -
The Damned “Plan 9 Channel 7” Machine Gun Etiquette LP (1979 - Chiswick)
TV Party “Save Your Life” Psychic Driving LP (2023 - Outro)
The Flesh Eaters “Digging My Grave” A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die LP (1981 - Slash)
The Dead Milkmen “If you Love Somebody, Set Them on Fire” Metaphysical Graffiti LP (1990 - Enigma)
- - -
Wipers “D-7” Is This Real? LP (1980 - Zeno)
Pretty Girls Make Graves “A Certain Cemetery” The New Romance LP (2003 - Matador)
Dead Moon “Dead in the Saddle” In The Graveyard LP (1988 - Tombstone)
Crusades “Attic” The Sun is Down and The Night is Riding in LP (2011 - Its Alive / Razorcake / Sabotage)
- - -
Roky Erickson “I Think of Demons” The Evil One LP (1981 - 415)
Cursive “Tall Tales, Telltales” Burst and Bloom EP (2001 - Saddle Creek)
Mind Spiders “You Are Dead” Meltdown LP (2012 - Dirtnap)
Peach Kelli Pop “Black Cat 13” Gentle Leader LP (2018 - Mint)
- - -
Sedatives “Slip Away” Self-titledLP (2009 - Deranged)