The band Hunchback. One guy is falling off a balcony he was trying to climb up.

Razorcake Podcast #849 with Daryl and Todd

Nov 03, 2023

Hunchback, live in Chicago, 2007, photo by Daryl

Another installment of our look back on the 2000s DIY punk. Todd seems to be anti-nostalgia, but I think it’s okay in moderation. Life only goes one way. And in that direction it only gets more complicated with more memories. The bad—for some reason—over-powering the good, forever skewing our perception that life used to be easier, better, more enjoyable. At the time did it seem easy? Probably not, but our personal historization is widely unreliable!

I understand that I’m doomed to cherish this decade as it ran its course from when I was fifteen to twenty-five. But I’m also taking a step back and asking, what was really going on? What is different now? And most importantly, what can we learn that we might have forgotten?

Please drop me a line if you have any answers to those questions.


Carrie Nations, “Top Gun” Be Still LP (Stupid Bag / Bitter Like The Bean)
- - -
Vena Cava, “Johnny Walker vs. John Cougar” Split 7” with Sick Sick Birds (A.D.D.)
Onion Flavored Rings, “Venus de Milo” Split 7” with Bitchin’ (No Idea)
Punkin Pie, “One Month Later” This Was Supposed to Be a Celebration! Comp LP (Mauled By Tigers / Do The Math)
Killer Dreamer, “Not Comin’ Home” Self-titled LP (Kapow)
- - -
Blotto, “Lullaby for You the Hot Shot” Get on Bored LP (A.D.D.)
Defect Defect, “Little Ways” I’m a Terrorist 7” (Clarence Thomas)
Cheeky, “Bad Mood” Choke on a Cheeseburger 7” (Freedom School)
Bloodbath & Beyond, “Champipple Tonight” Jihadcore 7” (Little Deputy)
- - -
Period Three, “Postcards” Self-titled 7” (DNH)
Shorebirds, “Down in Denver” Self-titled 7” (Self-released)
Drunken Boat, “Shoot and Miss” Split 7” with Dan Padilla (Fast Crowd / Must Yearn)
Horrible Odds, “October” Underground LP (Onion Flavored Rings)
- - -
Fleshies, “Big Green Teeth” Killing the Dreamer’s Dream LP (Alternative Tentacles)

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