The Marx Brothers with a French Horn.

Razorcake Podcast #843 When Horns Are Okay 26: Brass Commercialism with Ethan, Todd, and Tim

Sep 22, 2023

Todd: The horns beast, when you latch your fangs into it and you ride it…
Ethan: As we all do.
…it takes you to weird places. It takes me to bands I’ve only heard of before and I go, “All right. Cool. I’ll give that a shot.”
Welcome to another round of punk and punk-adjacent songs featuring horns where we could round the alphabet from A-Z if we were using letters instead of numbers to keep track of them.

Some notes: Hawkwind’s Nik Turner was also known as “Thunder Rider.” He was a guest musician in both The Stranglers and Psychic TV. After his first departure from Hawkwind, he holidayed in Egypt and while visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza he was given three hours inside the King’s Chamber to record some flute music. Not many of us can claim the same.

Most people know him for singing the line “I Want My MTV” on “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits,” but Ethan and Todd are in no way, shape, or form fans of Sting’s (not the professional wrestler of the same name, but Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) musical output. That said, the Radio Actors’ (aka Sting And The Radio Actors when he’s feeling modest) song is pretty darn good and is played as a continued celebration of Nik Turner.

Trivia roundup:

For the Sophisticated Boom Boom fans out there, did you know that two singers went on to form Chin-Chin?

Two-way tie for the best record label name this round. Boris’s debut album was self-released on Fangs Anal Satan Records. Caroline And The Treats was on Lady Kinky Karrot Records.

Sambas are shoes. Simba was in The Lion King. Nicely done, Ethan. Poorly done, Todd.

Basta Roc’s hairdos were often described as “stunning.” Nice.



This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Nik Turner.

The Neunikneš, “Konfrontace,” Konfrontace! (Self-released)
- - -
Inner City Unit, “O.B. Citymuse,” Pass Out (Riddle)
Sham 69, “Tell the Children,” Tell the Children 7”
The Astronauts, “Everything Stops for Baby,” Peter Pan Hits the Suburbs (Bugle)
The Radio Actors, “Nuclear Waste,” Nuclear Waste (Charly)
- - -
Chin-Chin, “Revolution,” Stop! Your Crying EP (Farmer)
Girls At Our Best!, “Fun-City Teenagers,” Pleasure (Happy Birthday)
Stinkerbell, “Teenage Vampire,” They Do EXACTLY What You Think They Do!EP (Last Resort)
Caroline And The Treats, “Wam Bam Baby,” Saturday Night, Rock & Roll
(Lady Kinky Karrot)
Joy Ryder, “Johnny Was a Fireman,” Max’s Kansas City 1976 & Beyond
- - -
Boris, “She Is Burning,” Heavy Rocks 2 x LP  (Sargent House)
Neon Hearts, “Regulations” Venus Eccentric 7” (Neon Hearts)
The Sambas, “Gâche Ta Jeunesse,” No Pride, No Shame 7” (Casual)
Basta Roc, “Monument,” Monument 7” (Proto Noise)
- - -
Alakulttuurin Kusipäät, “Syöminen,” Noitavaino 7”EP (Underground Productions)

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