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Razorcake Podcast #842 with Kurt Morris

Sep 15, 2023

I’ve been recording podcasts for Razorcake since 2009. According to my data, this is my 100th podcast! For this special edition, I got contributions from Razorcake volunteers who are/were in bands to see if they had songs they wanted to contribute. Razorcake is like a family, so I thought it fitting to have this 100th podcast be about those who help comprise this community. Thanks to everyone who listened and got me to 100! 


Knife Manual, “Bad Timeline” (Step 1 7”, Stiff Hombre) Ty Stranglehold
Western Addiction, “Lurchers” (Frail Bray, Fat Wreck) Chad Williams
- - -
Code Blu, “Kill a Nazi” (Apathetic Existence [unreleased], Salt Lake City Terror Collective) Lint Lobotomy
Plaza, “Adult Panic / (The Real) Mr. Hot Dog” (Adult Panic, unreleased) Michael T. Fournier
Skate Video, “I’m Not Here Part 2” (Tape #4, Self-released) Eric Baskauskas
The Ottomans, “She Don’t Wanna Talk” (unreleased) Ollie Mikse
Pu$$y-Cow, “After Party” (A Photograph of the Time We Laughed, Self-released) Joe Dana
Bippy, “Psychic Friend” (Split 7” with The Useless Fucks, Self-released) Art Ettinger
Faulty Cognitions, “Las Cruces” (Demo, Self-released) Chris Mason
Bloody Westerns, “Dystopian Worker’s Blues” (Mono Records Demo Sessions, Self-released) Jon Mule
Last Bias, “Not the Same” (Demo, Self-released) Mark Twistworthy
What About Now, “Picture of Planes” (Self-titled, Self-released) Kevin Dunn
Daryl Gussin, “I Need a Win” (unreleased)
- - -
Sun Urchins, “Cave Girl” (Personal Shell EP, Self-released) Emily Timm