Feminist imagery and words

Razorcake Podcast #841 with Emily L

Sep 08, 2023

Ever wonder about the origins of the Riot Grrrl movement? Or never heard the term Riot Grrrl in your life? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy this episode on the origins of the punk rock feminist movement, and how it has gone on to inspire some of the most unique and badass garage punk being made today. The Riot Grrrl movement is most well known as a punk-rock counterpublic born out of Evergreen State College, predominantly taking place during the 1990s. It’s a movement built on a foundation of zine-making, experimental music, and empowering young women. Learn about the OG feminist punk icons like Kathleen Hanna and Tamar-Kali, and discover some new faves you may not have heard of before. Girls to the front!

-Emily L

Tamar-Kali, "Boot" Geechee Goddess Hardcore Warrior Soul (OyaWarrior)
Mommy Long Legs, “Weird Girl” Assholes (Youth Riot)
The Aquadolls, “Rich Boyz” We Are Free (Aqua Babe)
The Darts (U.S.), “Snake Oil” Snake Oil (Alternative Tentacles)